Midwest Sinus Center

University Head & Neck Associates

University Head and Neck Associates is a comprehensive, tertiary and quaternary resource, specializing in difficult and complex cases involving the head and neck. With access to the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods available - as well as offices located in Chicago, Tinley Park and Downers Grove - we are a highly specialized medical resource for the patient. We combine leading edge research with a practice focusing on complicated cases and are able to bring a unique and experienced perspective to even the most difficult head and neck problems.

"Head and Neck" means we apply our expertise to everything from the clavicles up to the brain. Specifically, we concentrate on the complete diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Head and neck cancers and tumors, such as cancer of the parotid gland or other salivary glands, thyroid gland, lip, skin, tongue, sinuses, voice box, jaw, face, and neck with a special expertise in the surgical treatment of aggressive cases.
  • Complete ear, nose, throat, and facial reconstruction and rehabilitation, surgical and traumatic scar revision, and restoration of speech, swallowing, chewing, and breathing.

We are the only group in the Midwest with a combination of fellowship training in head and neck and skull base tumor resection, rhinology, and laryngology. This level of qualification gives us a one-of-a-kind insight into state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures. Our vast experience includes endoscopic and endonasal management and resection of pituitary tumors, juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibromas, clival chordomas, meningiomas, sarcomas, carcinomas, and inverting papillomas. We also perform endoscopic resection of laryngeal lesions, Zenker's diverticulum, and even laryngeal cancers that used to be resected by massive operations. Furthermore, our experience with sentinel lymph node biopsy techniques will make more radicle neck dissections much less likely for the patient.

Additionally, we feel no patient should be rushed to the operating room simply because a lump is "bugging" them. We treat each patient with their unique values and concerns as a human being who needs to make an educated and comfortable decision on their treatment. We perform procedures with minimal discomfort, such as office-based endoscopic biopsies and fine needle aspirations. These techniques help the patient achieve a strong sense of conviction in the right treatment course before they commit to one.

The absolute best ethical treatment course is always our priority for each and every patient that gives us the opportunity to help in their care.