Midwest Sinus Center

Read what some of our clients have to say

"Dr. Dutton is very efficient and responsive to my questions. He gave me a lot of respect and really helped me to make good decisions about my health. I've suffered with sinus infections for a long time, and Dr. Dutton really worked with me on finding a treatment to help me."

"I have been a sinus sufferer forever and worked with Dr. Lofchy for at nonsurgical treatments for curing my sinus problems. I ended up needing surgery, but he helped me feel comfortable. Now I'm breathing through my nose the best I ever had in my life. He really provided excellent care and genuinely cares about his patients."

"Dr. Allegretti is very thorough ad easy to talk to. He took down and went through my entire medical history and really worked to find a good treatment for me. I've had sinus problems for a long time and have really felt much, much better after seeing him."

"The staff is very courteous and really try to provide the best service."